Tips to Relocate During COVID 19

Moving and packing homes can be an exhausting process in normal circumstances, and the difficulty in the level has doubled in the times of COVID- 19. The economic and social impact of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in India has been largely disruptive. There is no industry or sector left which has not seen a setback due to COVID- 19. Many people left and are still leaving their cities of work and are moving back to home towns because of various reasons that have led to an increase in the demand for packers and movers services.

Reasons to Hire Movers and Packers During a COVID 19?

With the widespread COVID 19, people who used to live in the metropolitan cities are moving back to their home town because of the loss of a job, non-availability of resources, and because of schools or colleges being shut for almost 6 months now. To save on the extra expenses like rent charges, people are relocating, increasing the demand for movers and packers more than ever.

Is it safe to Hire Movers and Packers in a Pandemic?

In COVID-19, a person has to maintain social distancing and adhere to all the extra precautions needed to stop the transmission of the virus. And in the pandemic situation and lockdown, moving and packing across the country is not easy. The best way is to ask the companies if they are following the protocols according to the government guidelines, asking the employees and customers to wear masks and safety, maintaining social distancing, and are concerned for the health of their employees. All these things tell a lot about the company’s outlook towards the pandemic.

If you too are planning to move during the COVID-19 outbreak from one city to another, you may want to consider some tips for safe vehicle moving, commercial moving, or domestic moving.

Below are some tips that one should follow to ensure the utmost care and precautions while moving and packing your belongings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Learn About the New City

Once you have decided on the place you are moving to, you must research the surrounding areas. Educate yourself about the state functioning in the COVID times. Know what guidelines and restrictions they have in place for outsiders. Reach out to a few known people, in case you need any advice or help during the tough times.

2. Choose your moving and packing company carefully after clearing all your queries.

Before you hire a moving and packing company for your vehicle moving, commercial moving, domestic moving or house relocation, make sure to ask all your safety concerns. Ask what safety methods they are adopting and how they will ensure social distancing while packing and moving. As much as it is important to keep the belongings safe, it is also important to make a priority for one’s health and safety during the time of a pandemic.

Make sure the movers and packers company is extra vigilant and take all safety precautions like the use of masks, gloves, practice social distancing, and maintain hygiene and proper sanitation.

3. Ask for a virtual quote

It is very important to maintain social distance at this time. Avoid moving out of your house and ask for a virtual quote using video chat on your mobile device from the moving and packing company.
It is advised to take quotes from different packers and movers and decide from the options available.

4. Organize and declutter

Begin sorting your items and decide to discard the unused items, old items, or items that are worth donating. Decluttering will make your relocation easy and will be able to pack comfortably and accommodate all your belongings while moving your office, domestic moving, or also in case of vehicle moving.

Make sure to keep a sanitizer with yourself while packing your belongings and while executing your relocation process.

5. Maintain hygiene and sanitize all your articles

Before packing your household articles, make sure to disinfect and sanitize all your household articles or frequently touched articles like doorknobs, switches, tables, chairs and kitchen articles, etc. Make sure to wear rubber gloves while cleaning and increase your house ventilation by opening windows and doors to allow in fresh air and breeze.

6. Keep yourself healthy and safe

Above all, it is important to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. It is very common in many families to experience anxiety, tiredness, and common cold while relocating. Make sure you make extra efforts to keep everyone healthy and safe when relocating during a pandemic.

Listen to your body and don’t overexert yourself.

7. Disinfect your new home before unpacking

Wipe down everything with disinfectants while unboxing or unpacking. To make sure that the new place you are moving to is not contaminated, don’t forget to disinfect your boxes and houses to ensure safety. Only when you are done disinfecting all your belongings and the new place, start unpacking each box.

In case of extra time, it is advised to keep the boxes idle as it helps to minimize the spread of germs as the virus dies within four days.

8. Take extra care to maintain good hygiene

Wash your hands frequently or use alcohol-based sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and face without washing your hands. Practice respiratory hygiene and cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing.

Inform your family members or mover and packers in case you are feeling sick and isolate yourself quickly.

9. Use new products and boxing while packing

Safety first. Remember the rule here. Don’t use cardboard boxes for packing while your home, office, or for vehicle moving or relocation. Buy new cardboards and boxes to ensure safety. Coronavirus can only live on cardboard boxes for 24 hours.

10. Try packing the belongings yourself

To limit or restrict the interaction between the movers and packers and customers, it is advised to the customers to pre-pack their belongings themselves and label them with proper labels.

11. Create an essential box

Be sure to create an essential box of the belongings that you use every day. The essential box can include soaps, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, towels, sheets, and your toothbrush, etc.

12. Avoid Paperwork

Papers can be the major source of spreading germs. There is a lot of paperwork involved while office moving, house moving, employee moving, and domestic when you hire a mover and packers. Request your professional movers and packers to complete it virtually for safety.

Final words:

It wouldn’t have been a problematic situation before the Coronavirus. But the increasing number of cases in COVID-19 cases has also changed the way moving and packing works. Staying organized, panicking less, staying attentive, and taking all the necessary safety measures and precautions is the only way for a successful office moving, house moving, and vehicle moving in the times of COVID-19.

By following this guide, you can focus on all the important tips that one needs to take care of while their relocation to a new city. But always remember the best way is to limit the exposure in the pandemic. Wish you a safe and swift relocation.

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